Ryan placed on 15-day disabled list

Ryan placed on 15-day disabled list

WASHINGTON -- St. Louis Cardinals infielder Brendan Ryan may have discovered the one advantage the Minor Leagues has over the Majors: the seven-day DL.

It would be a perfect option for Ryan, who was placed on the 15-day DL Thursday after suffering a slight hamstring strain Wednesday night.

But with no such compromise available in the big leagues, the 27-year-old understood the decision to placed him on the DL and recall shortstop Tyler Greene from Triple-A Memphis.

"I know [the injury] isn't super serious, and I think normally I probably wouldn't have to go on the DL," said Ryan, who was starting Wednesday in place of fellow injured shortstop Khalil Greene. "But we're short a man, so the way things are, that's how it is."

Ryan had some hamstring history to compare his current strain to, having missed a month in 2005.

"That time, I felt the pop and probably even came back too soon," Ryan said. "That was a lot worse. This isn't too bad."

So for now, Ryan will undergo a course of treatment that includes massage therapy, treadmill time, ice, bed rest and "drinking a whole lot of water."

And he'll be there to provide support to Tyler Greene, as well, since he clearly remembers making his own big league debut in a similar situation in 2007.

"[David] Eckstein and [Scott] Rolen were banged up, and that's how I got my shot," Ryan said. "From my standpoint, you don't want to leave the door cracked, because Wally Pipp is always thrown out there, but we're winning and we need help and [Tyler Greene's] going to do fine."

While Tyler Greene's debut came on a misty night in Washington, Ryan's came before a packed house in Houston.

"It was a tight game and I was scared out of my mind," Ryan quipped. "I remember Lance Berkman coming up with the bases loaded and just praying the ball wasn't hit to me."

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