Matheny not tinkering with scuffling lineup

Matheny not tinkering with scuffling lineup

SAN FRANCISCO -- Despite a couple of quiet days for the Cardinals' offense, St. Louis manager Mike Matheny felt no need to shake up his starting lineup for Game 7 of the National League Championship Series at AT&T Park on Monday.

A couple of the Cards' most essential hitters, notably Allen Craig and Jon Jay, have scuffled during the NLCS. Craig was 3-for-20 in the series entering Monday, while Jay was 5-for-25.

In the past, Matheny has sometimes flipped cleanup man Craig and No. 2 hitter Carlos Beltran when one or the other has slumped. But he said he had little interest in making that move. Nor did he see a better alternative in the leadoff spot than Jay.

"I think about 20 different lineups every night," Matheny said. "But I keep coming back to what's been working for us. And there's a reason. And there was a reason that we were able to make the push that we did, and it was people really finding their spot. It took us a lot longer than it took quite a few other teams to really find that formula in our lineup.

"It's just a matter of looking over the big picture and seeing what gives us the best chance. Today is not the time to start rewriting anything."