Cardinals ready to move past slide incident

Cardinals ready to move past slide incident

ST. LOUIS -- The Cardinals say "Slidegate" is a dead issue.

But Matt Holliday's tough takeout slide of Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series remained a topic of discussion on Wednesday in the hours before Game 3, after being replayed, dissected and debated for two days.


Scutaro, who later exited Game 2 with a left hip injury, was back in the starting lineup for the Giants. Cardinals manager Mike Matheny was asked whether he was confident the matter was over and done with.

"I'd be more confident if you guys didn't keep asking about it," he said. "But it does keep coming up. So it's going to stay alive as long as it's handled this way.

"I think everything has been said that's going to be said. I thought Matt handled it the right way. I believe that the Giants have handled it in a classy way, as well, and everybody is trying to move forward. And so we're going to try to allow that to happen. But now, it's about moving forward."

Holliday was apologetic after the Cardinals' 7-1 Game 2 loss, saying he should have begun his slide a step earlier. Scutaro told reporters on Wednesday that the two had yet to talk about the matter.