Still resting elbow, Furcal scheduled for checkup

Still resting elbow, Furcal scheduled for checkup

ST. LOUIS -- Rafael Furcal, still recovering from a right elbow strain, sounded hardly optimistic on Sunday that he'd have a chance to return to the club should the Cardinals make a deep postseason run.

Furcal has not resumed throwing since injuring his elbow on Aug. 30. Doctors initially told him that he would likely need to rest his arm for five to six weeks before beginning to throw again. Furcal said he plans to have a followup visit with the doctor this week to discuss his progress.

"I wish I could try something and feel good," Furcal said. "I'm bored."

Furcal said he still has trouble getting full extension of his right arm, though he is hopeful that he still will not be prescribed surgery to address the injury. The Cardinals should know by the end of October, for sure, whether surgery will be needed. If so, the recovery time would likely be six to eight months.

Furcal does intend to travel with the team during the postseason, if the Cardinals can capture the second NL Wild Card spot.