Humorous note follows Waino's 'kissing' comment

Humorous note follows Waino's 'kissing' comment

CHICAGO -- Having some fun with Adam Wainwright's postgame kissing comment from Saturday, someone scribbled an announcement on the dry erase board inside the visiting clubhouse at Wrigley Field on Sunday morning.

Written in red marker, it read: "No kissing teammates on the mouth."

It was an obvious, good-natured poke at Wainwright, who delivered one of the funnier lines of the year after Saturday's 5-4 win. Wainwright was taken off the hook for a loss by Carlos Beltran's ninth-inning solo homer. An inning later, the Cardinals had a last at-bat victory.

Asked about the turn of events, Wainwright replied: "If we would have lost that game, I don't think I would have slept today at all. Carlos, I kissed him right on the cheek. I'm not afraid to tell the whole world either. I wanted to kiss him on the mouth. He saved me. He saved the team today."

Several teammates got a kick out of watching the interview play on MLB Network on Sunday morning. Wainwright took the ribbing in stride, joking that he would give out a smooch again if the time was right.

"That was kind of a strong statement, so we just wanted to make sure that he knew that wasn't a part of our celebrations," Matheny said, tongue-in-cheek, when asked who was behind the white-board message. "I understand where he's coming from because we were all very excited when we saw that ball leave the park. It's happened to us so many times this season when you're right there. It's nice to return the favor."