After hand injury, Carpenter returns to lineup

After hand injury, Carpenter returns to lineup

St. Louis -- With glue keeping several hand lacerations from breaking open again, Matt Carpenter returned to the lineup on Sunday. He did so, too, without batting gloves.

Carpenter, who wears batting gloves only if playing in frigid temperatures, was concerned that he'd have to don a pair to keep several cuts from reopening on his hands. Carpenter sustained the hand lacerations -- the deepest gash being on his left middle finger -- when his bat shattered during a swing on Saturday.

Carpenter had to be taken out of Saturday's game because of all the bleeding. At the time, Carpenter was told he might need stitches to address the cuts on his right middle and ring fingers. Instead, the medical staff was able to repair the wounds with glue.

"I'm just going to play through it," Carpenter said. "It's a little sore. I have five cuts. But it's nothing bad enough to keep me out."

Carpenter, who says he doesn't wear gloves because he "just [doesn't] like the way it feels," surmises that the bat he shattered on Saturday may have already been compromised by a crack. He otherwise said he can't understand how the bat broke the way it did and why a ball he squarely hit didn't go further.

Carpenter had been using that same bat for more than a month.