McClellan throws for first time in six weeks

McClellan throws for first time in six weeks

McClellan throws for first time in six weeks
ST. LOUIS -- Right-hander Kyle McClellan threw on Tuesday for the first time since straining his right elbow six weeks ago. It marks the beginning of a four-week throwing program that is expected to potentially have him available by August.

McClellan played catch at a distance of about 60 feet and made about 40 throws. He said afterward that his elbow feels great and that he was able to throw a little harder than he had anticipated.

"When it's that short, it's easy to kind of cut it off," McClellan said. "So in order to do that, you have to kind of throw a little harder, and I was perfectly happy with it."

McClellan said there is a vague plan in place for his throwing program, which is subject to change depending on how he progresses. He expects to do two weeks of long toss, a week of bullpen sessions and then a week of batting practice.

For now he will take a day off after each throwing session and continue to build strength in his elbow.

"The throwing process, the way it was explained to me, is important, because it's still a healing process," he said. "You're throwing, and the body is sending stuff to heal to the elbow. It's not like you can just skip over and push through. It's still a part of the building-up phase."

Manager Mike Matheny is happy to see McClellan as excited and pleased as he is.

"No matter what you're coming back from, with that state of mind, you're going to recover quicker," Matheny said.