Cardinals slot Holliday as DH against Tigers

Cardinals slot Holliday as DH against Tigers

DETROIT -- The Cardinals' first designated-hitter assignment in Interleague Play went to Matt Holliday, who can use the night off in the field as he nurses a hip flexor injury.

The ailment is not currently serious enough to keep Holliday from playing, but the need for a DH gave the Cardinals the perfect excuse to at least cut Holliday's night's work in half. It was this same hip flexor issue that prompted manager Mike Matheny to pull Holliday for a pinch-runner in the eighth inning of Sunday's loss.

Holliday's early exit was magnified when that game ended up lasting 15 innings.

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Matheny suggested that he still intends to rotate that DH spot around, as there are other players nursing minor ailment who could use a break. Holliday's status, though, will also play a role in how Matheny construct his lineup for the team's next five Interleague games.

"It's something we just want to keep an eye on," Matheny said of Holliday's injury. "I think he also knows that there are a couple other guys who can use a day [as well]. That list of day-to-day guys has been pretty long all season."