Matheny questions where to draw replay line

Matheny questions where to draw replay line

NEW YORK -- Noting that he was pleased that his players refused to highlight Adrian Johnson's errant fair-foul call following Johan Santana's no-hit performance on Friday, manager Mike Matheny reflected briefly on the controversy a day after.

While doing so, the direction of conversation naturally turned to the topic of instant replay, a subject that has plenty of supporters and dissidents in the game. Matheny places himself somewhere in the middle.

"I don't feel that strongly one way or another, because I think there is some negative to both sides," Matheny said. "I don't know where you draw the line. That's the big question."

Matheny's biggest concern about expanding an instant replay process that already allows umpires to review home run calls is the potential for such a system to drive the time of games longer. Giving teams a limit on how many times they can ask for a play to be reviewed is more realistic, Matheny said.

Major League Baseball has discussed the possibility of expanding instant replay to include fair-foul calls and trapped balls. Had such a system already been in place, the umpires would have been able to review Carlos Beltran's sixth-inning liner down the third-base line on Friday. That would have allowed the crew to correctly award Beltran a hit on the spot, taking away Santana's chance for a no-hitter.

"I'm glad I'm not making that decision," Matheny said. "I know these guys are going about their business trying to make the right calls. The umpire doesn't want that hanging over his head. We all answer to the decisions we make. I guess the replay would have taken that out of his hands, because that was pretty clear."