Jay continues his scorching-hot start

Jay continues his scorching-hot start

HOUSTON -- Jon Jay's hitting streak ended at 11 games on Thursday. But the Cardinals' center fielder was back at it again on Friday, adding two more hits to his season total. He hit .488 during the streak and had three three-hit games in the first five games of the recent homestand.

Just how hot is Jay's bat? Despite two hits (2-for-5) on Friday, Jay actually lowered his batting average to .414 for the season. He doesn't have enough at-bats to qualify, but if he did, Jay would be leading the National League in hitting.

Jay said he felt the key to his recent hitting streak was not pressing and staying within his simple game plan.

"Just go out there and try to have good at-bats," Jay said. "As simple as it may sound, just swing at strikes and take the balls. That's my game plan out there. I think anytime any hitter does that, they're going to have some success. So that's pretty much all I'm trying to do right now.

"I don't think about hitting streaks or what I'm doing personally. I feel like if we win a ballgame, I've done something right. That's the way I measure my successes."