Holliday trying to work his way through slump

Holliday trying to work his way through slump

Holliday trying to work his way through slump
PITTSBURGH -- While manager Mike Matheny wouldn't have considered sitting Matt Holliday against Pirates starter Erik Bedard on Sunday, in general, Holliday has continued to ask to play his way out of his ongoing offensive slump.

While some players often opt to take a mental day off during such a stretch, Holliday has asked to stay in the lineup. Matheny has given Holliday the option of sitting several times. Holliday has refused each, and he is actually the only Cardinals player to start all of the team's 16 games.

"[I'm] just trying to find a good comfortable feeling that I don't have," Holliday said. "[I'm] just trying to work through it. I don't know any other way to work through it to get a good feeling going but to work at it. Obviously, I'm not too happy with how things are going."

Since collecting two hits, including a home run, on Thursday, Holliday is 1-for-7 with only an infield hit. He struck out three times on Saturday, twice with a runner on base. He enters Sunday in the middle of a 5-for-35 funk and carrying a .194 season average. Holliday, who hit .383 in Spring Training, is just 2-for-18 with runners in scoring position.

"When you're going through a slump, you feel like you're far [off]," said Holliday, the club's three-hole hitter. "But really, it's just one swing to get one feeling that clicks you in to get you out of it."

Sunday's matchup against Bedard would seem to favor Holliday. The Cardinals' left fielder had five hits in eight career at-bats against the Pittsburgh starter entering Sunday and is 3-for-8 against lefties this year.

"When it's going bad, they're certain that next day is going to be the day they get it right," Matheny said. "I'm certain right beside them. I believe Matt is that close."