A postgame interview with Tony La Russa

A postgame interview with Tony La Russa

A postgame interview with Tony La Russa
Cardinals manager Tony La Russa spoke with the media following Thursday's 4-2 loss against the Brewers in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series.

Q. What did you take from Kyle's [Lohse] outing tonight?

La Russa: Well, I thought his stuff was good. Delivery was good most of the time. And, you know, couple of times that he wasn't sharp, good hitters got him.

Q. What are the challenges that come with just a season series against these guys that's so even? What are the challenges that go along with something like this?

La Russa: Well, I think it's classic because playing each other so many times, we're dead even. And I think there's going to be a lot of similarities and it comes down to that day to, you know, who makes the pitch. Today, Wolf, we had a couple of chances to have a run, and Wolf made outstanding pitches. It's that close a contest.

Q. Do you think Wolf was vulnerable early or is that putting it too strong?

La Russa: Well, I mean, I thought we took some really good at-bats to create some stuff, but we had twice where we had a runner the third and one time Jay didn't get him in, one time [Theriot] -- he's a productive guy. He just made really good pitches, and we didn't create a whole lot after that, because he pitched really well.

Q. What is it that Wolf has done? He's had some considerable success against your club recently, but he can stop anybody on any given night. What does he do?

La Russa: Well, he's a pitcher. He's got a real good idea, he moves in and out, up and down, changes speed. He's got a nice fastball, cutter, changeup. Got a lot of outs on curveballs today. Probably the biggest thing he had working; we made a lot of outs on the curveball.

Q. What was your thought on your good friend, Jim Leyland, and his Detroit Tigers picking up that win today?

La Russa: Well, he had his back against the wall. They've had a lot of tough games and finally one went their way. They deserved as well as they played, so they are still alive.

Q. I know you like your bullpen, but how important is it for the starters to go deeper in the game? That's four starts that they have not gone past the fifth inning.

La Russa: We had a chance to win today. This is October. This is not the season where when this series is over you have to play for another 20 days or something. It's real simple. This is the end of the season for these starters, too, so they are probably not as strong. Go as far as you can, as long as you can and we have plenty of bullpen help. ,p> The better they pitch and the deeper they get in the game, then it's less outs for the bullpen, but just, you know, as hard as you can, as long as you can.

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