Barton OK after being hit in face by pitch

Barton OK after being hit in face by pitch

JUPITER, Fla. -- One of the best mornings of Brian Barton's life almost turned into one of the worst afternoons.

Barton, who was informed on Wednesday morning that he would be making the Cardinals' Opening Day roster, was struck in the face by a pitch in St. Louis' game against Baltimore. Fortunately for Barton, it was something of a glancing blow, striking him on the side of the nose and evidently not doing any serious damage.

"It got me pretty good, but it got me on the side, so it was a 'good' good," Barton said after the game. "I'm lucky there's no bone there. I don't know how it sounded. It didn't feel good."

Greg Aquino's pitch to Barton in the seventh inning was an offspeed offering, which also helped Barton come through the incident OK.

"It was a breaking ball," manager Tony La Russa said. "You don't [immediately] know exactly where it hits him, but it wasn't as scary as some."

Barton went immediately to the ground after he was hit, and head athletic trainer Barry Weinberg rushed out to tend to him. Weinberg helped Barton walk off the field, and Rico Washington took Barton's place in the game.

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