Lights failure delays final pitch for 16 minutes

Lights failure delays final pitch for 16 minutes

Lights failure delays final pitch for 16 minutes
ST. LOUIS -- All that for one pitch.

The Cardinals and Giants waited out a 16-minute delay during their Wednesday night game at Busch Stadium due to a problem with a light tower on the first-base line, then returned to play for a grand total of one pitch. Allen Craig grounded out against Brian Wilson, finishing off a game that lasted three hours, 44 minutes even without the delay.

"I've had some pretty interesting innings before, but that's at the top of the charts," Wilson said.

With two outs and a runner on first, and a 2-1 count to Craig, two banks of lights went out along the right-field side of the five-year-old ballpark. Umpire crew chief Tim Welke determined that play needed to be halted, and for 16 minutes the two teams waited as the lights gradually came back to life. Upon the return to action, Craig swung at the first pitch from Wilson and grounded out to second base, ending the 7-5 Giants victory.

"They all asked me if I could see," Craig said. "And I just went, 'That's not my decision.' I'm not going to say I can and go ahead and play the game. It wasn't my decision."

Most of those involved kept their good humor, with a little aid from the St. Louis public address crew. Journey's hit "Lights" played over the speakers at one point during the delay, which lasted from 10:59-11:15 p.m. CT.

"It kind of felt like coming in in the eighth inning, sitting down and going back out there," Wilson said.