Fashion-forward Cards break out turtlenecks

Fashion-forward Cards break out turtlenecks

Fashion-forward Cards break out turtlenecks
LOS ANGELES -- The brilliant sunshine and mid-70 degree weather at Dodger Stadium Sunday won't stop the Cardinals from sporting a cold-weather staple when they fly back to St. Louis after their current 10 game road trip.

Coming up with the idea in San Francisco, when Skip Schumaker wore a mock turtleneck, Lance Berkman and a few other players had an idea to make the entire team wear turtlenecks when they leave for St Louis.

"I don't necessarily want to take credit for it, but I was involved in the conversation," Berkman said. "When you have some success, it makes it easier to goof around. It is not too easy to find one though."

Players have gone to thrift shops in San Francisco, Arizona and Los Angeles and even bought some online, just to be ready for Sunday.

"We are bringing them back. I don't think anyone really resisted, which is the scary thing," Kyle Lohse said. "No city we have been to has any turtlenecks left thanks to us."

While some Cardinals have regular sport turtlenecks, others like Schumaker and Mitchell Boggs decided to go all out.

"It is a woman's medium from 1970, so it is a little snug," Boggs said. "It is Big Bird yellow. I was trying to get the most outlandish one I could find.

"Not to toot my own horn, but I like my ensemble right now."

Schumaker, who will wear two on Sunday, has one that is a green turtleneck with white fringe on top and then a red knitted turtleneck sweater with the sleeves partially cut off.

"Skip's is tough to beat, sort of a Jacque Cousteau look," Berkman said jokingly. "We have a couple that are bad/good."

Players also thought it would be a great time to wear the turtlenecks with how hot the offense has been the past week. Scoring six or more runs in seven straight games, the Cardinals have also scored 60 runs in their past six games.

"They are a specialty item," Berkman said. "Get ready for the parade of turtle necks after the game. Just something to break up the monotony of the season."