Holliday determined to avoid DL stint

Holliday determined to avoid DL stint

Holliday determined to avoid DL stint
ST. LOUIS -- As Matt Holliday addressed reporters in the home clubhouse at Busch Stadium on Monday, there was no missing the fact that Holliday was a man who had recently undergone surgery.

It was the first time Holliday had been interviewed since he needed an emergency appendectomy on Thursday. He spoke relatively softly, though his sense of humor was clearly still intact. Holliday said he's progressing very well from day to day, but it was quite clear that he's not in any shape to be doing anything athletic right now.

The Cardinals have said that their cleanup hitter was given a mandate of five days after the surgery with no significant physical activity. However, Holliday hopes that it won't be very long after that required down time when he can actually play in Major League games.

"I told them I'd like to not go on the [disabled list]," Holliday said. "I think I can play before 15 days if they can make it without me for the first week."

Giants outfielder Andres Torres returned after 12 days last season, and Reggie Sanders was back in under two weeks for the Cardinals in the spring of 2005. A routine recovery is more like four weeks, but Holliday doesn't much like the sound of that.

"I'm hoping that my case is different and that it will be a pretty rapid recovery," he said.

Holliday said that he had been feeling some discomfort in his abdomen for about a week before he went in to get checked out for appendicitis. Once he saw a doctor, he said, it was less than an hour before he was informed that he needed surgery. He was under the knife later that day.

Club officials said over the weekend that they would like to have a decision by Tuesday or so as to whether they will place Holliday on the DL.