Holliday flies under the radar on first day

Holliday flies under the radar on first day

JUPITER, Fla. -- A year after making one of the most anticipated arrivals at Cardinals Spring Training, Matt Holliday tried to sneak in on Thursday.

In his second spring with the Redbirds, Holliday is less a curiosity, less of a news story, than he was 12 months ago. By comparison, Albert Pujols' contract situation drew dozens of members of the national sports media to Jupiter. That didn't bother Holliday, who was happy to have all of that attention going to the man in the next locker over.

"It's fine with me," he told reporters. "I just kind of fly under -- other than you guys [who] are standing in front of my locker all the time [waiting for Pujols]. ... That was my plan: Arrive when he arrives so I can sneak around."

Holliday arrived in Jupiter with his whole family in tow, including wife, Leslee, and their three children. That makes it easier to come to camp after a winter at home. But even so, he's not quite in the same hurry to get to Spring Training that he was when he was younger.

"I used to get there a couple weeks early," he said. "But now I try to get here a little bit closer to reporting day, just so it doesn't feel so long. But [manager] Tony [La Russa] does a good job if you need a day off or a couple days of rest."