Jay's Christmas heavy on Cuban tradition

Jay's Christmas heavy on Cuban tradition

Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay spends his winters in Florida, where he enjoys sunny Christmases on a yearly basis. Jay checked in with MLB.com to talk about a few of his favorite things at Christmastime, including the Cuban Christmas traditions of his family and the football team of his beloved University of Miami.

MLB.com: Where will you be spending Christmas this year? With whom?

Jay: I'll be at my parents' house on Christmas Day. We get together. I've got a couple of little cousins, and we just kind of hang out all day.

MLB.com: What are you asking for this year?

Jay: I don't really ask for much. I do much more giving these days.

Our biggest celebration is on the 24th. We have a Cuban tradition; we celebrate Christmas Eve. It's called Noche Buena. We cook a pig, so we'll be doing that with my family at my grandparents' house.

MLB.com: What's your favorite Christmas memory from when you were a kid?

Jay: I think every Christmas was fun, getting all geared up, waiting for the gifts under the Christmas tree. I don't have one specific one. I think every Christmas was good.

MLB.com: What's your favorite holiday-time food or drink?

Jay: My favorite is the Cuban tradition. We cook the pig, and I really enjoy eating the pig with the traditional rice and beans, especially since nowadays I tend to stay away from that kind of food.

MLB.com: You're from Florida -- have you ever had a white Christmas?

Jay: Never had a white Christmas. We usually have a sunny Christmas around here.

MLB.com: Do you prefer traditional carols or modern rock and pop holiday songs?

Jay: I'm not really into either, but I like traditional carols more.

MLB.com: Is this a big vacation time of year for you?

Jay: I usually stay home and hang out with family. I like to get away a few days after Christmas, do a little traveling. This year, I'm going down to the Florida Keys. I'm heading down the 28th, and I'll spend New Year's down there.

MLB.com: So that means you won't be going to Miami's bowl game?

Jay: No, I won't be going, but I'll be glued to a TV.

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