Players shave heads in sign of solidarity

Players shave heads in sign of solidarity

HOUSTON -- About four hours before Monday's game at Houston, all the Cardinals players who had hair shaved their head in a sign of team bonding.

"We already had about 10 guys bald on this team, so everybody decided [to] join them," said Cardinals infielder Aaron Miles. "And it's something fun to show your allegiance to the team and everybody doing something on the same page and pulling on one side of the rope."

The Cardinals entered Monday have lost 2-of-3 at Pittsburgh and 3-of-4 at Washington. Anything to change their luck.

The hair-cutting had the blessing of Cardinals manager Tony La Russa in more ways than one.

"We had a good time with it," said La Russa. "We're heading in the right direction. I think the most comforting thing is I don't have to worry about curfew. As ugly as these guys look, they're going to be hiding in their rooms."

Miles was one of the players who had a lot of hair.

"A little tougher for me than some of the other guys, but it was fun," said Miles.