Holliday bound for HR Derby

Holliday bound for HR Derby

DENVER -- Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday might not seem like the most obvious choice to participate in the State Farm Home Run Derby, unless you've ever seen him take batting practice.

In games, Holliday is a high-average, line-drive hitter with solid but not exceptional home-run power. In batting practice, he puts on a show like few players in the game. He'll be participating in this year's Derby, and it should be worth watching.

"I got a chance to do it in '07, and it was fun," said Holliday. "My kids are getting older, they know what it is, and they were like, 'Do it! Do it!' I think it should be fun."

Holliday's sentiments echo those of Albert Pujols a year ago. Pujols acknowledged in 2009 that part of the reason why he participated in the Derby was that his son, A.J., urged him to do so. Pujols, however, reiterated on Tuesday that he will not be a part of this year's event.

Holliday expressed little concern about the potential for injury or for his swing getting out of whack. He enjoyed a huge second half in 2007 after swinging away in San Francisco.

"It shouldn't be too hot," he noted, adding with a smile that, "it could be as little as 10 swings."