Lohse will take extra time before throwing

Lohse will take extra time before throwing

ST. LOUIS -- Injured Cardinals pitcher Kyle Lohse will not begin throwing this week, but the right-hander said on Sunday that he's very pleased with his rehabilitation from right forearm surgery.

"I'm excited about where it's going and ready to hit the next stage, but we've just got to wait till I get the full blessing of everybody to go ahead," Lohse said. "I think once I start throwing, it will start speeding up."

Lohse had hoped to begin a throwing program Monday. He said that will not happen but asserted that he has not had a setback and, in fact, is progressing well.

"I thought at the beginning of this week that I was headed toward throwing on Monday, but all the doctors got together and just wanted to give it a little more chance to heal," he said. "The reason they gave was that originally they were just going to [operate on] the one muscle that showed up in the MRI, but just to make sure there wasn't any further problem, they did all the muscles. So they just want to make sure, because [the surgery] was a bit more intrusive.

"They want to make sure they give it a little more time to heal, because in their eyes, the worst thing I could do at this point is to go out and try to start throwing when you're still trying to strengthen. I feel like the strength is really good. I've got my full range of motion back now. It's just a matter of, there's still some bruising in there."

Lohse declined to say when he expects to begin throwing, but he did not give the impression that the date is far off. He has a full range of motion with his right wrist and said his strength is well on its way.

"You can't get completely strong until it's fully healed, which I think it's pretty much there," he said. "But to take a couple extra days here, hopefully it balances out that when I start throwing I won't have any setbacks."